Colic and Chiropractic Care

When a child cries for an extended period of time but is well fed, rested and comfortable there’s a chance they may suffer from colic. Colic is defined by extended crying for a set period of time. Most doctors follow the rule of thumb of more than three hours a day, three days a week and more than three weeks in a row. Most parents can rejoice knowing that colic isn’t permanent and often goes away within a few weeks to months.

We sincerely love our children. What can we do to comfort a colicky baby?

  • Always check the basics of ensuring they’re well fed, changed, rested and overall comfortable.
  • Ensure they have a healthy digestive system
  • Hold and comfort as necessary
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  • Have you been doing all of these things with no success? Try Chiropractic! Here’s what the studies show:
  • Infants who participated in a study group that received chiropractic care were compared to those who received a prescription drug for colic treatment. The hours spent crying was significantly reduced in the clinical study from 1 hour less for the prescription group compared to a significant 2.7 hours for the chiropractic group.
  • Another study done with infants in South Africa showed that in a split group the children who received chiropractic care saw a significant change in 93% of the infants within two weeks.

Why Help the Spine to Stop the Crying?

Birth is a special yet traumatic experience for a child. The contorting of the muscles and bones can throw off alignment from birth. This misalignment can make an infant more susceptible to disease and sickness. A very gentle and soothing adjustment can be provided as soon as the first day of birth. For those who have an older infant and want to experience the benefits of chiropractic, it’s not too late! Realigning the spine can aid in the symptoms of a colicky baby.

Call our office today if you are looking for an all-natural and non-invasive healthcare strategy to help your child diagnosed with colic.