What will a new patient exam cost me?

If you are interested in booking an NP exam at our office. Typically, this first exam is not covered by insurance. That is why we are committed to making it affordable so this LIFE changing exam is never off limits to anyone.

Can my insurance cover the exam?

One of the most frequently asked questions!  We believe chiropractic care should be accessible and affordable to everyone. We are an out of network provider. The benefit to this concept is that we serve the patients, not the insurance provider. We focus on the results you need to gain back your health because we do not believe in one size fits all to our patients. Some months you may need more visits than others and we do not want to tie our patients to a specific insurance provider’s idea of normal.

Can I use my FSA/HSA funds towards my care?

The answer is an astounding YES! We love working with FSA and HSA accounts. We provide a Superbill to you to submit to an insurance company to provide reimbursements to you.

How will I know if my care is working?

Many of our patients come from us after seeing other chiropractors in the past. They will often say they may not have gotten the result they sought after. Here, we make sure that we measure not only when you first walk in the door, but we measure and reassess your progress regularly. Our customized care plans allow us to determine your health goals and chart a course that will lead to successful navigation to your desired results.

I have some apprehension about going to a chiropractor. What should I do?

Many patients come to us having some apprehension about actually getting adjusted. As soon as you start, you will notice our doctor is extremely comforting and caring. You will soon find yourself looking forward to your visits and it will quickly become second nature!