Our weight loss program is a quick and healthy protocol with proven, long-lasting results. Our gourmet protein foods contain highly assimilable, high biological value protein isolates combined with essential amino acids and are complemented with supplements and mineral salts. The protocol involves 4 phases.

  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 is where you will lose 100% of your weight loss goal.
  • Phase 3 involves the gradual introduction of healthy fats and carbohydrates and an exercise regimen.
  • Finally during Phase 4, the doctor will work with each patient individually to develop a specific diet and exercise plan to keep you looking and feeling your best.

is the ideal protein weight loss method different than other diets?

The ideal protein weight loss method treats weight issues at its source. By the time you reach your weight loss goal, you will have transformed your body’s ability to metabolize sugar by re-educating your pancreas to produce only the right amount of insulin needed, no more. The ideal protein diet aims at reducing carbohydrates and fats, not protein. In so doing, it preserves muscles tissue and protects vital organs to secure their proper function. In other words, you will lose fat, not muscle.

Why is restoring your muscle tissue during your weight loss important?

Preserving muscle tissue while losing fat is important because your muscle controls your metabolism. The problem with other diets is when people lose weight they are really losing fat and muscle. This leads to the “yo-yo” dieting. With other diets, you lose fat and muscle tissue, leading to a slower metabolic rate

Is the Ideal Protein diet safe?

Our protocol is safe for everyone, except those with a dysfunctional liver or kidneys. Diabetes Type I should only do the alternative diet plan and women who are pregnant or breast feeding should only use the Ideal Protein’s protein foods to supplement their diet.

Can a dieter expect consistent weight loss?

Yes, although every person is going to lose weight at a different rate, we have been consistently seeing weight loss averages of 3-4 lbs per week from women and 4-7 lbs per week from men when the protocol is followed without any deviations (cheats).

Is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method safe for Diabetics, Type I and Type II as well as for hypoglycemic (low blood sugar)?

Diabetics have so much to gain from our protocol because regulating glycemia is at the very heart of our method. While we can not reverse Type I diabetes, we can help those afflicted to lose weight. However, our Ideal protein weight loss method can help reverse Type II diabetes or, at the very least, diminish the condition’s vulnerabilities. People who suffer from hypoglycemica can also follow our weight loss method or our alternative plan.

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