Dr. Kevin loves life and loves what he does. He is passionate about chiropractic and helping people change their lives and improve their health. He believes that true, optimum health can be achieved by helping each person release their doctor within (Innate) and have the power that made the body, heal the body. It needs no help, just no interference (subluxuation). Dr .Kevin facilitates the body’s natural healing through rhythmic chiropractic adjustments. When you come to the office you’ll see children and adults who get gentle chiropractic adjustments. His patients refer him time and time again because of his gentle touch, his caring nature, his concern for the individual, the relationships that he builds with his patients and that they feel better from day one. Dr. Kevin is a National Board Certified and licensed Chiropractor since graduating from the doctorial program at Life University in December 1997. After graduation he moved back to his childhood hometown, Fairfield, Connecticut to open Muthersbaugh Chiropractic. He lives here with his wife and three young children.