Premenstrual Syndrome is a collection of symptoms often associated with the emotional and physical ongoing connections a female experiences before and during her menstrual cycle. In some females, this emotional and physical connection does not lead to any tangible symptoms, however this is not the case for most.

Like clockwork every month, up to 90 percent of menstruating women report having one or more PMS symptoms. Symptoms such as: tender breast, fatigue, bloating, depression and irritability. The body may crave foods it usually doesn’t. Mood swings ensue, causing many to become short-tempered, saying things [she] doesn’t mean. At this time of the month, anger and tears may arise without apparent reason.

The female body is very complex and PMS is challenging to deal with. For some women, if not handled correctly each month, PMS can lead to incredible interference with daily mundane activities.

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  • Why?

    It is unclear to scientists exactly why women get PMS and why some experience it more severely than others. However, the consensus is that a combination of hormonal changes, genetics, nutritional and psychological factors play a big part in each individual woman’s monthly cycle. Researches also equate the hormones estrogen and progesterone interacting with neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) with higher volume of PMS symptoms.

How we can help:

Although chiropractic care cannot fix the way a body responds to the hormonal changes that occur during menstruation, studies show that it can help determine lifestyle changes and assign specific techniques that will alleviate PMS symptoms.

When a woman’s reproductive system is altered by misalignment of the bones that make up the spine – PMS symptoms can be more severely triggered. Nerves that exit the lower back are responsible for lower abdomen tissue regulation. When these nerves are not working correctly, they impair the nerves that direct and monitor the systems that control bodily functions such as the reproductive and hormonal systems. Alleviating any pressure or irritation to these nerves can be, through alignment of the spine, a great help for women during her monthly cycle.

Therefore, don’t let symptoms get out of control – We can help you with the proper assessment and treatment. Don’t let PMS interfere with daily activities any more than it has to!